03 July, 2007


RUN 689... Full Metal Hashing
Video blogumentation of Run 689* may be viewed here:

* Copyright 2007 Hash VlashTM

It was very hot. We ran. We drank beer. We had BBQ. We went home.

Down Downs for Run 689
: Fer Fox Sake, aided by Captain Caveman
FRB: Russian Bride
No Bell: Twin Peaks
Virgins: Chris, Jean-Philippe, Bin Laid (On the Hash)
Hashy Birthday: Swamp Monster
25 Runs: Neverfucker, Shock & Awe
Calling for Directions (in full view of the starting point): Boston Creamed, Twin Peaks
Hamas Headgear: Goldmember
Gung Ho USMC-level Enthusiasm: Bin Laid
Being Half French: Jean-Philippe
Going Half-Flying: Deliverance, Neverfucker
Meanies Wouldn't Let Us Sing at the Halfway Point: Captain Caveman, Fer Fox Sake
Smooth & Silky Legs: Fer Fox Sake

Directions to Run 690
Date: July 7th
Time: 4pm
Place: Herzliya Pituach / Nof Yam

Take Route 2 to Kfar Shmaryahu exit.
Start heading down Keren HaYesod WEST towards the sea.
RIGHT onto Wingate - Wingate becomes Golda Meir - go all the way to the end
RIGHT onto Sha'ar HaYam
Sharp LEFT onto Netiv HaLamed Heh
Sharp RIGHT into the Nof Yam shopping center car park

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