20 July, 2007

Hash Trash Run 691 - Directions Run 692

RUN 691... The Thumb Run
Video blogumentation of Run 691* may be viewed here:

* Copyright 2007 Hash VlashTM

We ran it was hot , so we drank beer and when we ran out of beer we went home

Down Downs for Run 691
: Russian Bride & Triar Fruck
FRB: Stroker
Holyland Virgin: Rich Fisher
38 Degrees Celsius and No Shorts: Goldmember, Stroker
SCB: Dr Doolittle and Stroker
Returnee: Huge Packer
Geometrically Challenged: Goldmember (Rabin SQUARE instead of Hamedina CIRCLE)
Geographically Boring: Russian Bride (for unimaginative trail)
No Hash Kit: Goldmember, Quantum Leek

Directions to Run 692
Date: July 21st
Time: 4pm
Place: Rishpon

Directions were sent by Lager Lout On behalf of Dead Boring:
This weeks Hash will be at the old favourite (when you can't think of anywhere else) Bentleys Bar in Rishpon.
Take the '2' northwards and exit at Rishpon. Go straight, past the flower shop and over 2 roundabouts, over the railway line and turn right when you see the sign for oranges. The track bends sharply to the left and Bentleys Bar on your left.
Disclaimer : If the above directions are wrong it's not my fault!! -- Lager Lout

Lost? Call Dead Boring at 0 5 4 6 4 2 6 2 2 2

Lager Lout does take responsiblity for the following:
Next Quiz Night
August 31st - details to follow nearer the time.

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