24 July, 2007

Hash Trash Run 692 - Directions Run 693

RUN 692... No Hash Vlash For You!!!
There were no cameras on site this past week.
But in short: It was hot. We ran. We drank beer. We had Down-downs. We went home.
Blogumentation of prior runs* may be viewed here:
* Copyright 2007 Hash VlashTM
Down Downs for Run 692
Hare - Dead Boring aided by Dr. Do-little
Ass RA - Boston Creamed
FRB - Airbus
SCB - Russian Bride
DFL, Cheaters, Whingers - everyone but Dr. D
Sanity & Salvation - Dr. D
Delayed Gratification (bought Harry Potter en route to Hash, read 25 pages but didn't skip to the end) - Fer Fox Sake
Directions to Run 693
Take the 5 east (That is away from the beach) unit you get to the Petach Tiqua exit.  That is the one with the Yarqon Cemetary.  After exit follow this until you hit the third set of lights.  Turn Left onto Gissin st.  (Has a swimming pool on the corner) Get in the left lane.  At the second set of lights turn left onto Moshe Snef and follow this down to a big roundabout.  The hares will be waiting. 
If you get lost get a GPS or call Russian Bride on 0523057968

Hash Vlash/Hash Scribe

Hash Vlash/Hash Scribe

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