01 August, 2007

ýHash Trash Run 693 - Directions Run 694

RUN 693... The RPS Championship
Blogumentation of Run 693* may be viewed here:
* Copyright 2007 Hash VlashTM
We ran thru shite and more shite , we wanted to moon strokers parents . Then we ran but not far and then we sat in the shade and drank beer

Down Downs for Run 693
- Russian Bride aided by Airbus
FRB - Stroker
Being late for start when you live 100m away - Stroker
Adapting to life in Israel - Rich (Remember Stroker: His wife needs a new car and then your work visa can be fast tracked)
Man Bra Showing - Dr D

Directions to Run 694
Take # 5 East take exit Hod-Hasharon / Petah-Tiqwa at the end of the
ramp turn Right (on your right a restaurant) and turn directly Right
like you should go to the restaurant, follow this road for about 200
mtrs Where the hare(s) maybe are waiting for you.
Lost? Call Dr. Do-Little  0544-453106

Hash Vlash/Hash Scribe

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