03 October, 2007

ýHash Trash Run 700- Directions Run 702

RUN 700... Redrun... Redrun... Redrun...
Video blogumentation of Run 700* RED DRESS RUN !!! (when ready) may be viewed here:
* Copyright 2007 Hash VlashTM

It was hot but not as hot as it had been. We wore red dresses. We ran. We drank beer. We had Down-downs. We went home.
Down-downs for Run 700 - RED DRESS RUN !!!

Hare - Twin Peaks
Temporary Renaming - FFS becomes Media Whore
FRB - Dead Boring
DFL - Media Whore
Virgins - Daniella, Flaschenoffner, Sandra, Swiss Miss
Returnees - Dead Boring, Deliverance, Dr. Do-little, Goldmember
Poor Hygiene After Triathlon - Deliverance (#1373 still marked on her leg)*
Scariest Costume - Media Whore**
Chintziest Costume - Russian Bride
No Costume - Daniella, Flaschenoffner, Sandra, Swiss Miss (the Swiss
Farewell & Fuck-off Fishkoff - Sue
Half A Costume - Boston Creamed
Cairo-fornia, Here We Come - Dead Boring, Lager Lout

* Finished Gan Shmuel Triathlon in 02:46:37.70
** Who, by the way, finished the same triathlon in  02:40:19.65 - a
personal best!

Directions to Run 702 (back to counting as normal)
Hare - Boston Creamed
Place: Tel Aviv, Kochav HaTzafon neighborhood (where Russian Bride likes to start... you know, where we had the Purim run).
Directions from Herzliya
Take Route 2 south towards Tel Aviv.
Turn RIGHT onto Shai Agnon St.
Turn LEFT onto Levi Eshkol St.
You Hare will be standing at the corner of Eshkol and Meir Yaari St.
See handy map (attached).
Lost? Call Boston Creamed at 054 215 2653

Hash Vlash/Hash Scribe

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