06 September, 2007

ýHash Trash Run 698 - Directions Run 699

RUN 698... Cheatin' in the heat

It was hot. We ran. It got very hot so the hare gave us directions. We drank beer. We had Down-downs. We went home.
Down Downs for Run 698
- Twin Peaks
FRB - Dead Boring (again)
DFL- Boston Creamed (again)
SCBs - Airbus, Dr. Do-little, Russian Bride (maybe, maybe not -- but he drank beer anyway)
Meteorologically Challenged - Goldmember, In & Out
Phone Call (and chatting up women on it) - Triar Fruck
New Shoes - Deliverance

Directions to Run 699
Date: Sept 8
Time: 4:00 pm
Hare - Russian Bride
Place - Kochav HaTzafon, North Tel Aviv at the tail end of Meir Ya'ari St.
(see attached map)
Lost? Call Russian Bride at 052 305 7968
PLEASE NOTE: Red Dress Run 700 is scheduled for September 29th
Next week's run will be 701.
Sept 22's run will be 702.
And then we will go back in space/time to Run 700!
Update Hare Raiser Roster is in process.
Updated Israel Run Calendar is now on the HHHH Blog
HHH Announcement Petition to Free Jailed Hashers!
For more info: Offbeat Runners Club Sets Off Terror Scare in New Haven

Hash Vlash/Hash Scribe

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