23 September, 2013

Shooting Blanks Fuck-Off Party

Hello Fellow Hashers,

As you may know, Shooting Blanks is leaving us in favor of his homeland.
So, he his holding an intimate going away party, or how we refer to it a "Fuck-Off". I'll let his words describe it from here on:

What:  going away bash (err...drink all of Shooting Blanks liquor)
Where: Shooting Blanks (Pete's) apartment. Isrotel Tower, Tel Aviv. 78 Hayarkon St. Apt 16-7 or 167, HERE or HERE - there are a couple of entrances. (Let the receptionist know you are visiting "Pete Jogan" or else she won't let you go to the 16th floor)
Why: Because I need some help consuming some (or most) of my liquor collection
Why 2: I'm moving back to USA! I have a few bottles I would like to share and I think my apartment overlooking the Med would be a great spot for a party
When:  Thursday 26 September  at say 6pm or so..or 7. 
What to bring:  your thirst!
What will be provided: lots of hard liquor and some beer  +  Dominos pizza   (hey, I'm a guy!)

I'm sitting here right now, drinking some "Jim Beam" I got from Shooting Blanks and he also mentioned a couple of bottles of "Van Gogh" vodka, so I can tell he means business...

For any inquiries - Shooting Blanks - 054-6666047

See you there,
Hash Scribe