11 September, 2013

Thirsty Knights Hash #69+16

Hi all!

Tomorrow evening we'll be having a "Sins before Atonement" Hash in Hertzliya Pituach.

When? Thursday, Sept. 12. 19:00 Some Beer; 19:20 Hare out; 19:30 Pack out.

Where? The little park at the corner of Hamenofim and Hasadnaot in Hertzliya Pituach Here (there is a dirt parking lot right next to the circle)

How to get there? From road #2 Here

What? Beer, Run, Beer, Down-Downs, Eat+Beer. The usual.

Why? Because we want to!

Oh, and guess what, I have last TKH3 summary! Read all about it:
"The pack was glad to welcome this week so many hashers that the circle had to be enlarged at the starting point and the beermeister sprinted to a local AM:PM to pick up more nectar for the down-downs.  After everyone's GPS brought them to the exact right spot, the pack started the run, dipping dangerously close to South Tel Aviv before the trail returned to more hospitable neighborhoods.  At halfway, the bar was too packed and no room remained for the large pack, so they found a/the Small Bar, which immediately became the Small but Very Full Bar.  After tipping the barmen generously (which probably should have been another down-down for CC), the pack decided to continue the hash in Hebrew (also probably should have been a down-down), enjoying the famous White City en route to lots of beer and an exceptionally delicious on-after at Gatropub 58.  The trail, by the way, was agreed upon to be 4.08k."

So we go on to the...


Hare: Fuckhead
FRB: Captain Caveman
DFL: Just Ron
MFB (Mid Fucking Bitch): Just Iris
Relieving: Fuckhead
Too Honest: Just Ron
Pointing: Just Iris, Just Ron
Misnaming: Fuckhead
Late Cummer: Captain Caveman

Hash Scribe