20 January, 2012

Hash Trash Run 927, Directions to Run 928

Hello fellow Hashers!

Hare's eye view of the Nine Hundred and Twenty Seventh Hash:

WET! SLOPPY! COLD! That's when great runners rise to the occasion! (Except Kadaffi, he ran with an umbrella, doin' his Mary Poppins imitation...) Everyone else gets honorable mention for showing up, except for Goldmember who got lost and then went home. Shame.
The walkers got lost tryin' to get to the halfway point, where we haled Papa Abe and his seven sons. Eventually it all came together smoothly in the muddy parking lot where we drank beer, sang, and held our umbrellas tight.
Kadaffi made up for the umbrella gig, with a whiskey shot at Mike's Place afterwards, where we had a ginormous birthday for our Austin virgin\guest Phoebe, so eventually it turned out to be a fun winter day in Herzliya.

Down-Downs Run 927:

: Just Jim, Penis Envy
FRB: Just David
: Kadaffi
Mary Poppins:
Virgin: Just Phoebe
: Just Phoebe
: Just Jim, Penis Envy, EZ Doc 
(Not) Late
: Spit Or Swallow
Umbrella In The Circle: EZ Doc 

...and now for this week's run:

Directions to Run 928:
Meeting time: Saturday Jan. 21st, 15:00, 1500hr, 3pm.
Location: Corner of Harel and Yitzhak Nissim, Mevaseret Zion

Maps: From: Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem.

Head towards J'lem (or TA if you are cumin' from J'lem) on No 1
Exit at the Harel Interchange
Turn left (or take a right if you are cumin' from J'lem) at the traffic lights to cross back over the No 1, heading North
Continue North along Ha'rel
At the kikar (roundabout\traffic circle) there is a dirt carpark where your Hare will be waiting

Call Crock Sucker on 054-7471914

Other messages:
*At the end of February the Hare-Roster will run out. Care for a special date? Give me a heads up in the next couple of weeks.

*The Paris Hash is celebrating it's 800th Hash this Feb. you got another mail about that. Read it. Didn't get it? gimme a buzz and I'll send it again.

*The Hare-Roster has underwent some minor changes (if you care for a heads up on the whereabouts of future hashes...)

*FIY: The hare is now responsible for writing the Hash High Lights while Hash-Scribe will only rewrite it however the hell he wants (ain't that fun?!). Soooooo, let the writin' begin...

Did you know?! (Read with care!, very Boring!!!)

Who invented the paperclip

When Johann Vaaler patented his paper clip in 1901, there already were similar designs on the books. William Middlebrook of Waterbury, Connecticut patented his design in 1899. Cornelius Brosnan of Springfield, Massachusetts patented his Konaclip in 1900.

So, who was first to invent the paper clip?

Well, it is thought to be Johann Vaaler. Drawings of his design date to early 1899, but since Norway had no patent law at the time he had to seek patent rights in Germany and the US in the following years.

Johann Vaaler was born on 15 March 1866 in Aurskog, Norway. Known as an innovator in his youth, he graduated in electronics, science and mathematics. He was employed by the owner of an invention office when he invented the paper clip in 1899.

The paper clipSeveral designs followed the original. Only a few remain, such as the Ideal, Non-Skid, Owl and Gem. The first double-oval clip, the Gem, was launched in early-1900 by Gem Manufacturing Ltd of England. The paper clip remains as one of the most-used items of all time.

Hare roster - are you there?!

#928 Jan 21 - Crock Sucker
#929 Jan 28 - Fluffer
#930 Feb 4 - The Gonadfather
#931 Feb 11 - Spit or Swallow
#932 Feb 18 - Just Anya
#933 Feb 25 - Deliverance

Hash Scribe

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