12 January, 2012

Hash Trash Run 926, Directions to Run 927

Hello fellow Hashers!

Hare's eye view of the Nine Hundred and Twenty Sixth Hash:

It was a beautiful day in Tel Aviv for a hash!
Our hares, Penis Envy and Caveman, took us through the narrow, quiet streets of Tel Aviv and then along the promenade for the finale.
We had several new folks (For all those who speek Hash-Speak - "Virgins") join us this week... and the Jerusalem contingent ventured to Tel Aviv this week as well! No doubt we had quite the pack this week.
Much bitching and moaning was heard from the pack as it was claimed the trail was not marked well. Clearly those complainers were not at hash 925 where for the most part there were no markings, thus when compared to this week, the trail was indeed well marked (*Hash-Scribe Note - Hares to be, mark the trail well!). The halfway point was dedicated to Joe Button and as usual, half the group sang "watermelon, watermelon, watermelon.".
Following the hash, we enjoyed chili and more beer at the On-After at Penis Envy's place. Sorry to those of you who missed it as the chili was good and the beer cold!

Down-Downs Run 926:

: Penis Envy & Captain Caveman
FRB: Semen
: Just Lior
Just Jim, Kadaffi, Hot Box, Fluffer, Deliverance
Virgin: Just David, Just Lior, Just Tess
Relieving: In and Out
Booty Call
: Penis Envy & Just Jim
(Very) Late
: Just Jim
Sitting: Captain Caveman
Dog\Beer Abuse: Penis Envy & Spit or Swallow

...and now for this week's run:

Directions to Run 927:
Meeting time: Saturday Jan. 14th, 15:00, 1500hr, 3pm.
Location: 10 HaSadnaot/‫,הסדנאות‬‎ Herzliya Pituach (Industrial Zone).

Maps: From: North, South (and yes, it's pretty much the same...)


Driving directions to HaSadnaot/‫הסדנאות‬‎:

Go on road no.2

1. Exit at HaSira Interchange-מחלף הסירה toward Exit to Herzliya Pituach/יציאה להרצליה פיתוח

2. Keep left at the fork to continue toward Sderot Abba Eban/שדרות אבא אבן

3. Turn right onto Sderot Abba Eban/שדרות אבא אבן

4. Slight left onto HaSadnaot/הסדנאות

On HaSadnaot there is a little park,
There's a dirt parking lot next to the park, your hare will be there.

Call Just Jim at 050-5878448, he might answer...

Other messages:
*Very Important!! Penis Envy:"I will need someone to take the beer for run #928 (21 January 2012).  I am not sure if I will be able to join you for that week, and could just imagine the bitching if there was no beer*!" *No Beer?! = No Hash!
    You:"Oh!, I will take care of it! Just bring it on!!!", if this applies to you contact Hash Scribe or Penis Envy ASAP.

*At the end of February the Hare-Roster will run out. Care for a special date? Give me a heads up in the next couple of weeks.

*The Paris Hash is celebrating it's 800th Hash this Feb. you got another mail about that. Read it.

*The Hare-Roster has underwent some minor changes (if you care for a heads up on the whereabouts of future hashes...)

*FIY: The hare is now responsible for writing the Hash High Lights while Hash-Scribe will only rewrite it however the hell he wants (ain't that fun?!). Soooooo, let the writin' begin...

Did you know?!
To who ever is not completely sure what the hash is about yet, here is a short animated movie explaining what's it alllllll about. Enjoy!

What is the Hash House Harriers?

Hare roster - are you there?!

#927 Jan 14 - Just Jim
#928 Jan 21 - Crock Sucker
#929 Jan 28 - Fluffer
#930 Feb 4 - The Gonadfather
#931 Feb 11 - Spit or Swallow
#932 Feb 18 - Just Anya
#933 Feb 25 - Deliverance

Hash Scribe

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