24 November, 2011

Hash Trash Run 919, Directions to Run 920

Hello fellow Hashers!
The Hash circled at Tel-Aviv, at the bottom of the high-rising (might I say phallic [Penis Envy, anyone?!]) Isrotel hotel.
The sun was out and we had no worries what so ever. Ho, how wrong were we...
We were off to a nice start. The niceness continued for about 4 minutes when we found out our hare lost her way while setting the hash... Soon after that we were forced into walking up hill by the hare's orders and during the walk the pack tried to pull a trick on one of the hashers which didn't quite succeed.
Yet, the hash was not all that bad, yours truly might even refer to it as good, IT HAD A BEER CHECK!!! At an actual pub!!!
But then, when all the ups and downs were bound to end (we were, after all, less than 300 mt. from the circle), all hell broke loose.
The rain that washed us over (and under, and from all sides) was overwhelming in TA terms...
We got wet to the bones, and had to run these last 300 meters in the pouring rain. Oh, the things one must do to get his beer...
At the end, we circled up at Penis Envy's apartment, where we were served cold beer, whisky cheddar cheese (thanks to the returning [for the last time!] Stiff Meat) and some fresh towels.

Down-Downs Run 919:

Hare: Penis Envy
DFL: Fluffer
Misnaming: Deliverance & Hash-Scribe (SOS)
Returnee: STD & Spit or Swallow
Snacks: Stiff Meat
Late Cumming: Spit or Swallow
Fashion Crime: Captain Caveman (as always, cum the rain...)

...and now for this week's run:

Directions to Run 920 - NOTICE THE START TIME!
Meeting time: Saturday November 25th, 15:00, 1500hr, 3pm.

This week's run will take place at the drowsy, sleepy city of Raanana, so please be quiet if you are cummin' between 2-4 pm, and I do hope you cum... (CC, don't forget the Vuvuzela!).
We will meet at the intersection of HaNurit st. and Derech Kfar Nahman, as can be seen in the map here: Google-Map

Very Important!!! - At the end of the hash there will be an On-After at Just Sharon and Just Yoram's place (Google Map here) and they have requested that who ever cums to RSVP at srabin@idc.ac.il ahead so they can prepare things accordingly. So do it!

HaNurit st. and Derech Kfar Nahman, dahhhhh.

Cummin' from Route 4:
1. Go North\South until Kefar-Sava Raanana North Interchange.
2. Get into Raanana (head West)
3. At the 8th traffic light, take a right to Derech Kfar Nahman.
4. Go another 300 mt. stop. You are there.
5. Park.

If For some reason you are cummin' from TA:
Take Ayalon and get off at Glilot Intchg. westbound onto road 5.
Get off road 5 at Morasha Intchg North onto Road 4.
Read the directions above...

Got lost along the way?! Call your hare, Rabbi Goo at 050-2259616.

Other messages:
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    Yo yo yo, check it - the roster is set up for the next 3 months, and a lot of effort (and mostly time) was put into arranging it. So if anyone has a problem with their Haring date - suck it. Seriously - it's now your responsibility to find a replacement, if you can't make your assigned date.
  • Nominations are now being taken for the cities that will host the next one of the three World InterHashes following Okinawa (which seems to be in 2014). To nominate our hash and city, send an email to straydog@hhhweb.com. (Nominations must come from members of the Hash mismanagement committee). Tel Aviv InterHash 2015, anyone?

Hare roster - are you there?!
#921 Dec 3 - Double Entry
#922 Dec 10 - Boston Creamed
#923 Dec 17 - Stiff Meat
#924 Dec 24 - Semen
#925 Dec 31 - Capt. Caveman
#926 Jan 7 - Crock Sucker
#927 Jan 14 - Just Jim
#928 Jan 21 - Penis Envy
#929 Jan 28 - The Gonadfather
#930 Feb 4 - Deliverance
#931 Feb 11 - Spit or Swallow
#932 Feb 18 - Just Anya
#933 Feb 25 - Fluffer

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