08 July, 2011

Hash Trash Run 901, Directions to Run 902

Hello fellow Hashers!
The hashers met in one of our more popular spots over the years next to the mosque in Tel Aviv to enjoy AmboHo's last Holyland Hash... or at least for a while. The flour was scarce and the hash was blessedly short in the scorching summer heat. Thankfully the halfway circle was strategically (or perhaps more... accidentally?) located in a wind tunnel under the city's first sky scraper. The tune of Father Abraham reverberated around the buildings.  The hare's Virgin hubby guarded the red, blue and silver glittering circle (in honor of July 4)  from the curious locals. Following a series of hashers nearly rendering themselves unconscious on a low hanging branch above the beer, Cavemen donned his hard-hat for "extra protection". His words. Seriously? No one just considered the simple solution of moving the beer? Black Magic turned up just in time to take a drink from his shoes and we fare-welled AmboHo from the very nostalgic spot where she was named. Another one bites the dust.

Down-Downs Run 901:
Hares: AmboHo, Just Lynn
FRB: Fluffer
DFL: Boston Creamed
Virgins: Just Jim, Just Anne, Just Bruce
Late Cummers: Just Jim
Tim-ber! : Rocket, Just Jim, Spit or Swallow, STD
Misnaming: Spit or Swallow, Deliverance
No Hash Gear: Blowjack
Returnees: Free Willy, Rocket, Pink Leopard, Grave Robber, Beer Shlep
Loitering w/ The Locals: Just Bruce
25k For No Reason: Double Entry
New Shoes: Grave Robber, Just Lynn, Black Magic
Fuck Off Mug: AmboHo
Good Behavior: Capt. Caveman, Quickie
Got Protection: Capt. Caveman

...and now for this week's run:

Directions to Run 902:
Meeting time: Saturday July 9th, 16:00, 1600hr, 4pm.
Location: The starting point is the Jerusalem Theater, 20 David Marcus Street, Jerusalem.
Here is a link with directions from the entrance to Jerusalem (once you pass under Caveman's erection): Google Map-magic right here

THERE WILL BE AN ON-ON AFTER THE RUN, with Italian food and Palestinian beer!
At the home of Boston Creamed and The Gonadfather, 10-A Nili Street, Jerusalem.

Lost? Call The Gonadfather 054 593 7721

Ride requests - help a botha-hasher out:

Other messages:

Hare roster - are you there?!
#903 Jul 16 - Quickie
#904 Jul 23 - Stiff Meat
#905 Jul 30 - Grave Robber

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