17 June, 2011

Directions to Run 899

Directions to Run 899:
Meeting time: Saturday June 18th, 16:00, 1600hr, 4pm.
Location: Next hash will be in Herzliya Pitauh, Shlomo Hamelech 2 street.
Direction from Tel Aviv: Turn from highway #2 into Karen HaYesod street. Make a U-turn at the intersection with HaNasi street. Turn right into Shalva street. Turn second right and than right again.
Yes, that was confusing... Here's a Google Map to help you guys.
Lost? Well, hare will make you drink warm hard drinks, like whisky or vodka. Interested? Call Black Magic 0544-514286

More notes from the hare:
There will be a walking trail, and even a Walking Hare! So bring your dogs/cats/parrots/babies/walking canes.
And... There's an on-after! Drinks will be free, just bring something for BBQ that you would like to eat. Bring your friends and family and also swimming stuff.
(Hey man, you had me at "drinks will be free")

Ride requests - help a botha-hasher out:

Other messages:
The new Hare-Raiser Roster is approaching!
Any Hashers wishing to reserve a date for themselves on the new Roster, should email your Hash Scribe (reply to this mail) with the desired date/s ASAP.
Because as usual - in 6 weeks this ceases to be a democracy, and any Hashers that have not asked for a specific date will be assigned one - and it's ON YOU to find replacements!

Hare roster - are you there?!
#900 Jun 25 - Fluffer
#901 Jul 2 - AmboHo
#902 Jul 9 - The Gonadfather
#903 Jul 16 - Quickie
#904 Jul 23 - Stiff Meat
#905 Jul 30 - Grave Robber

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