14 April, 2011

Hash Trash Run 890, Directions to Run 891

Hello fellow hashers!
This Scribe would be very happy to tell you all about stages in child development, normal and abnormal head circumferences for a newborn, risks of smoking/drinking alcohol/narcotics while pregnant and many more delightful fun-facts. Due to this, however, knowledge of anything that happened during last Saturday's run is beyond me.
(The exam went well, btw)

Down-Downs Run 890
Hare: AmboHo
FRB: Itch My Rail
DFL: Woodstock
Virgins: Juat Eran
Returnees: Woodstock, STD
New Shoes: Black Magic
Racists: Fluffer,Stiff Meat,Black Magic

...and now for this week's run:

Directions to Run 891:
Meeting time: Saturday April 16th, 16:00, 1600hr, 4pm.
Location: The starting point will be at the Ramat Hasharon Tennis Center parking lot.
  1. From Hakfar Hayarok Interchange ( meeting of Road 5 and Road 482 ) turn south at Route 482
  2. Next Traffic Light turn Left (opposite Gas Station) Lost
Google Map: Click here
Lost? Call Call Double Entry 0547-909034
Notes from the hare:
To fit the location, the theme will be "TENNIS", so all Hashers are requested to come in their best "White Tennis Gear", Plus a racquet (preferably Tennis) - free Tips ,for stroke making ( fore play –Tennis :) ) will be available.

Ride requests - help out visiting hashes:
  1. We plan to attend the concert from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. at the Palace of Stage Art at Air Force Building Jabotinsky 15 Herzlyia. Our host lives at Shlonsky 3 Herzlyia Pituach so meeting and getting back to somewhere in Herzlyia Pituah would probably the best thing. Our mobile numbers are 0049 177 5265701 (Hasty Withdrawal aka Bea Pölchen) 0049 173 2725381 Thru Finland aka Andreas Pölchen)
  2. My name is Brown Eye from Las Vegas. I'm staying in the area around the bus station. I can meet a ride somewhere in the city or outlying areas. I'm at 054-6077401

Other messages:
Check out the amazing new Red Dress Run promotion page on the H4 website: http://www.israelhhh.com/reddressrun/ . Don't forget to use the "like/share"  buttons and promote!

Hare roster - are you there?!
#888 Apr 23 - Crock Sucker - RED DRESS RUN
#892 Apr 30 - Itch My Rail (in Ashdod, On-On after)
#893 May 7 - Spit or Swallow
#894 May 14 - Twin Peaks
#895 May 21 - Capt. Caveman
#896 May 28 - Boston Creamed
#897 Jun 4 - Goldmember
#898 Jun 11 - Betty Cocker
#899 Jun 18 - Floater
#900 Jun 25 - Fluffer
#901 Jul 2 - Stiff Meat
#902 Jul 9 - The Gonadfather
#903 Jul 16 - Quickie
#904 Jul 23 - AmboHo
#905 Jul 30 - Grave Robber

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