29 January, 2009




We met in Rishon Letzion.  We waited for the Beer Meister to arrive.  We checked it out.  We ran. We pondered the colour of the lake at the half way. Etti confused us all with Lakova sheli shalosh pinot.  We continued running. We found the circle. Thirsty hashers waited for the Beer Meister again.  We honoured Rami with the longest name in Holyland Hashing history … Ramalamablingbong. We got cold. We went to the hares' for an on-on.

Down Downs

Hares:  Ramalamablingbong, Etti, Gili
FRB: Wet Pussy
DFL: Semen
SCB: Crock Sucker
Virgins: Tal, Zohar
Returnees: Deliverance
Making us wait for beer: Penis Pan
Belated Chrissy pressie: Dyke.Cum
Fainter: Boston Creamed
Diplomatic abuse: Border Bitch & Desperate Housewife
Half runner: Pregnant Pause
100 runs: Diablo


When: 31 Jan, 3 pm
Where: Herziliya
Hares: Adi & Semen
Directions: The hash will meet on the hill above the entrance to beach Chof Ha'tzook (the southern entrance to the beach next to Mandarin Hotel). For those familiar with the area - it's where the hookers set up shop, park in the large sandy area. If you are coming from Herzalia - turn right under the overpass at Glillot junction, turn left at the first intersection, and right at the next intersection. You will see the colorful Na'aman towers on the left. Take the sandy road on the right up the hill and you will see the circle.

If coming from Tel-Aviv turn left into Levi Eshkol Street from Rt 2 BEFORE the Ramat Aviv Canyon. You will not be able to take a Left towards the beach after Einstein Rd. Follow the road till the beach and turn right on to road 2040. Drive around 2 km parallel to the beach, and turn left toward Chof Ha'tzook - take the sandy road on the right up the hill and you will see the circle. The Sea & Sun complex will be on your left. Our apt. is in the complex.

After the Hash the hares are inviting everyone for an on-on in their apt. The food will be Mexican. Here are your assignments:

Women - salads of all kinds, and Condiments for Taco's and Fajita's - cheeses, olives, lettuce, salsa, sour cream, etc

Men - Drinks - beer and wine, all flour based Mexican products (Taco shells, wraps etc)
Hares will supply the meat for the Taco's and chicken Fajita.
Lost? Call your hare on 054-440-6313
Young Crock Sucker
The scribe also found some old hashing photos of a young Crock Sucker!
NOTE: If unable to meet a Haring obligation, Hares are responsible for finding replacement Hares for their date.
Pregant Pause                 2/7/09  (will be in Jerusalem)
Boston Creamed              2/14/09
Desperate Housewife       2/21/09
Twin Peaks                     2/28/09 (Red Dress Run)
Wet Pussy                      3/7/09
Captain Caveman            3/14/09
Border Bitch                   3/21/09
Long Horny                    3/28/09
Goldmember                   4/4/09
Fart Smella                     4/11/09
Semen                            4/18/09
Deliverance                     4/25/09
Dyke.Cum                      5/2/09
Ramalamablingbong        5/9/009
Fatty Tatty                     5/16/09
Penis Pan                      5/23/09

Hash Scribe

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