16 January, 2009

More maps - DIRECTIONS TO RUN 771

Morning Hashers - Here are two more maps to assist with directions to tomorrow's hash.

Hash Scribe

Date: Thursday, January 15, 2009, 9:56 AM


We met at the mosque carpark in Tel Aviv. Fatty Tatty briefed the hashers that the run was long and sadistic with many stairs. She had tried her hardest to ensure that both halves were uphill. Some hashers opted to walk after such an announcement. We ran through the streets of Tel Aviv. Blobs of flour where in fact blobs of something else and booby trapped. We sang Row Your Boat at the half way at Kikar Dizengof. We continued running. We had a moments silence for the loss of Desperate Housewife's two wheeled friend at the fateful site. We found the circle. Diablo and Swampy joined us belatedly. We had down downs. We got cold. We went home.

Down downs

Hares – Fatty Tatty & Desperate Housewife

FRB – Wet Pussy & Long Horny

DFL – Diablo & Swamp Monster (Crock Sucker and Semen saved by the latecomers)

SCB – Boston Creamed & Adi

Returnees – Huge Packer, Long Horny, Pregnant Pause, Dragosh, Yonaton

Disobeying dress instructions – Semen & Border Bitch

Marathon – Captain Caveman & Crock Sucker

Directions to Run 771

Hare: Dragos

When: 17 Jan, Sat at 3 pm

Where: Kula Forest, south of Elad (אלעד) on the number 6

See the map attached for the meeting spot.

Lost? Call your hare on 0542426107


NOTE: If unable to meet a Haring obligation, Hares are responsible for finding replacement Hares for their date.

Rami 1/24/09

Pregnant Pause 1/31/09

Diablo 2/7/09

Boston Creamed 2/14/09

Desperate Housewife 2/21/09

Twin Peaks 2/28/09

Wet Pussy 3/7/09

Captain Caveman 3/14/09

Border Bitch 3/21/09

Long Horny 3/28/09

Goldmember 4/4/09

Fart Smella 4/11/09

Semen 4/18/09

Deliverance 4/25/09

Dyke.Cum 5/2/09

Rami 5/9/009

Fatty Tatty 5/16/09

Dragosh 5/23/09

Hash Scribe

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