10 December, 2008

Hash Weekend Wrap Up and Directions to Run 765


Friday evening's events began with a hash around Kibbutz Zeelim. There are only so many trails that can be set around a kibbutz the size of a postcard, and during our run, we stumbled across places we'd already navigated.  The scribe would like to say that running through a cowshed has its benefits, but unfortunately that would be untrue. The cows mooed, the hashers screamed and held their noses. At the on-in, the pack ran like lemmings off a cliff and found the longest route back to the circle. After the down downs, the hashers ate like they'd never seen food before, with a barbie tended to by the ever faithful Russian Bride. After copious amounts of beer and wine, an expedition was launched to see if the kibbutz pub was open. In hindsight, its locked doors proved to be a blessing in disguise. The hashers resorted to playing charades, leading to moments of headscratching, particularly with Semen's interpretation of the word "Satan" and Border Bitch's incessant screaming of JAWS as an answer (what? it's a book AND a movie). Russian Bride went MIA at some stage throughout the night causing complete pandemonium, as it was thought he'd locked his roommate, Just Dragosh, out. Don't worry, the entire kibbutz knew we were trying to find him, what with all the banging on the doors and shouting. Just Dragosh proved himself an apt burgalar, breaking into the room to find... Russian Bride not there.  
Day Two led to a nursing of hangovers, a soak in the sulphur hamam and a second hash through the wadi and the Star Wars like landscape. Desperate Housewife got in touch with his inner mountain-goat by climbing every peak in sight seeking out a vantage point to spot the trail. We traversed some mud and continued running over moon craters, through orchards and scratchy-as-hell-thicket and over an Indiana Jones like rope bridge. The race was then on back to the circle up the tower.  The beer meister, Russian Bride, unilaterally modified the down downs to drinking out of bowls and was also rewarded for his long service as Beer Meister with a golden chalais so filled with beer, even he could not finish it (someone revoke his passport). Long Horny, formerly known as Clark, was also attacked by exploding beer and flour. If you note from the photos, he was being abused mainly by the children.
Following the evening Bedouin meal, we all returned home very, very tired little Vegemites.
Thanks again goes out to Twin Peaks for the very memorable weekend had by all.

Down Downs Run 764

Hares: Semen & Deliverance
FRBs: R2D2 & Diablo
DFLs: Rocket & Twin Peaks
SCBs: Russian Bride, Wet Pussy, Crock Sucker
25 Runs: Crock Sucker and Desperate Housewife
Namings: Long Horny
No Hash shirt: Rocket, Free Willie, R2D2, Foreplay
Beer meister: Russian Bride

Directions to Run 765

: Sat, 13 December
: 3 pm
Hare: Capt. Caveman
Where: Kfar Saba
Cross Route 4 at the North Raanana Intersection heading EAST (if from Tel-Aviv, turn right-if from Haifa turn left, if from Herzelyia keep straight).
Go approximately 4.5 kms to the FIRST circle/roundabout/kikar and turn LEFT.
The road follows a park on the right side and humps 4 times.
At the end of the road (500 meters) park
On-On after the run at Captain Caveman's and Matta Horney's home. Pasta will be served, bring salads and stuff.

Revised rooster being published soon! Watch this space!!!!

Hash Scribe

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