23 January, 2009

directions to run 772 from Rami

Hi all
Following are the directions to run 772 at Rishon-Le-Zion. Hares Eti, Rami and Gil

The meeting point is in Gdolei-Israel street in the parking area near "Makif Chet" High school.

Coming from road number 4 (south) Tel-Aviv Ashdod:  Take the right exit through Rishon le Zion West (sea) just before the bridge, turn right and drive straight through Moshe-Dayan road, At the 4'th traffic light  turn left (no right turn in this traffic light) to Gdolei-Israel St , turn right in the first circle, then left in the second circle and right just after to enter the parking area.

Coming From road number 20 Ayalon south: Exit to Rishone le Zion east (under the bridge to the right) to Moshe-Dayan road. Drive straight and turn right in the third traffic light (first right) to Haim-Bar-Lev street, then left in the second traffic light into Gdolei-Israel street, turn right (second entry) to enter the parking area.


Afterwards there will be a light buffet at our house.  BYO drinks and salads.


Lost? call Rami 0524 238867 or Eti 0506444759


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