27 August, 2015

Fwd: Down Downs #1116 and directions to #1117

Heeelllloooo WANKERS!  This weeks religious advice.  Q: How was the Roman Empire cut in half?  A: with a pair of Caesars!

OK now on the unimportant stuff, Hash MCXVI #.

 In attendance: 

The hare: Roadkill and Dry Rub

The pack: CCM, Just Bill,  Deliverance, Just Lesly, Cum Union, Double Entry, MD.

A small Toga Clad group gathered together in Habima Square (totally normal) to look for the light pink, barely still there marking, which was our trail… we ran, stopped for beer, ran played on a playground, ran, got laid (I told a pregnant lady I'd give her one, but apparently she already had been), ranà Half POINT…stopped drank a beer.  Ran more, party hat stop, ran, MISSING blower stop, ran, raced- tied shoe…came in last. 

And from the walkers...:The pack gathered at Ha Bima at 5:00.  After a chalk talk the pack was off....to nowhere.  It seems that the first markings were hard to find and the pack had to be gently guided down the escalators to the parking lot where the markings were located.  There was Beer On Trail so it was a happy group that arrived at the midway point near the Dizengoff Mall.  THe walkers were schelping "Bill" so there was more beer available at the half.  Then it was on back to the Ha Bima.  I lost the list for the down downs so I will recreate it from memory (ha!). 


FRB: Cum Union?


Returneeze: Cum union, Dry rub, Deliverance

Peeing:  Caveman
Best Toga:  Double Entry - who seems to enjoy being Caesar

Racist behavior: MD and Cum Union

For not wearing Toga's: Cum Union, CCM àdeliverance for not bringing CCM a toga like she said she would

I know there were other accusations but I don't remember

Just Lesly and I drank out of our shiny new socks, and me from my shiny new shoes (delicious!!!)

Finally some idiot re-a cop/ maintenance guy yelled at us for drawing on the concrete (Hello!! The kids there do it all the time!!!- Just cuz we look like grown-ups does not meant that we act like them…duh? Did you miss the toga, flower lay, and party hats?!? Dude, I just drank out of my Frigging Shoe!!!)


Hash Run #1117 (via deliverance)

A: will begin at the Alliance School in Ramat Aviv, 26 Reading Street at 5:00 PM. Just put Alliance School, Tel Aviv - Yafo into your Waze. Any questions, call Deliverance at 050-263-4684 or just use your Waze. See you there.  If you have socks - wear them




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