07 August, 2015


Daer Hashers,
I have now infiltrated every aspect of the the HHHH.  Next up, I will take over the world... BWAHAHA **cough** cough** sorry to much fun...

ON TO: Last week run number 1113
Hare: Puppy-love-machine
the trail: A shitty J-town hash. Way too much flour, not enough play stops, way too flat, and not enough skin being ripped from our bodies on the playground slides. 
The down downs: FRB-MD, DFL- (I forgot), then we all drank for shitting on the trail. Just Guy was a returnee.

I'M BAAAACCCKK! Since our new hare roster has not been solidified yet, I'm taking its opportunity to break in YET ANOTHER VIRGIN!! ( that's number 5)!!!. That's right wankers Just Leslie is pop'in her first trail. Follow the URL below to A (sorry- it's a parking lot close to the TLV port so it doesn't have a proper address). We'll do our best to make it one of the coolest trails of the year!!
Lost? call MD:053.280.5002

P.S.- It is going to be ridiculously hot out tomorrow. bring hat sunscreen water etc.  Trail will be weather appropriate.  

Hash Scribe