01 May, 2015


Down-downs for Run #1100  -  Directions to Run ##1101

Okay you wankers --

It was a south Tel Aviv / Jaffa run set by Magically Delicious who continues her mad reign of terror. Not much to report about the first third as your correspondent, Boston Creamed, was unable to find the starting point (damn you, Google Maps! I'm sticking with Waze from now on).

While awaiting the pack at Clock Tower Square, the true (four-legged) faithful hound, Just Nili, perked up her very pointy ears upon hearing the clarion cry of "On-on from afar and starting racing towards the runners, dragging Boston behind her. That was lots of fun.

Other things that happened: The trail was done in different colored chalk with nautical markings, leading to no little confusion as 1. we are not sailors and 2. our Hash slogan is "Where Beer and Idiocy Meet". The song at the halfway was Father Abraham, some people found time to pee, and Magic found a great piece of graffiti on trail -- a wall emblazoned with "Do you believe in Magic"? (Some good pix on the Facebook page).

Eventually, there was a circle, punishments and rewarded were meted out, beer was downed, and Puppy Love Machine turned up with a bag of pistachios. In closing, here is a nice version of Father Abraham. Clap your hands!

Down-downs for Run #1100

Hare - Magically Delicious
FRB - Dry Rub
DFL - Hmmm... was it me? Don't remember
Returnees - there were some, including me, but I don't remember
Relievers - This I do remember! That is, I remember that there were some...
Latecomers - Boston Creamed, Puppy Love Machine

Hash Weekend!

The date has been set and it is... (drumrolll please)...
Oh hell, I forgot... I better write things down...

Directions to Run ##1101

Roadkill  writes, "Ole! Dust off your sombrero's and marracas, groom your mariache mustache, dry clean you poncho and come ready for a Cinqo De Mayo Run! (OK, it's really Dos de Mayo but who cares!)".

Hare: Roadkill
Time: 16:00 (4:00 pm)
Date: May 2, 2015
Place: 2 Chaim Vital St., Tel Aviv
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/ge3AY

And there will be an On-After at Mexical.

Lost? Call Roadkill at 050 689 9882

Boston Creamed