20 August, 2015

1115 DD and DR to 1116 :p

Heeelllloooo WANKERS!  This weeks religious advice.  Q: Why does Miss Piggy douche with honey? A: Because Kermit likes sweet and sour pork!

OK now on the unimportant stuff, Hash 1115#.

 In attendance: 

The hare: Roadkill 

The pack: CCM, twiny, Just Bill, poposchnizel, COMB (cums on my buddy), MD.

We gathered together and started to bitch about Shitty Tel Aviv drivers, and while we had half a mind to just stay bitch and drink…instead we ran.  With some of us armed with water guns, we ran through the beaches squirting random passed out strangers, then ran into the park where we assaulted others.  There were many beers and photo stops, and while there should be images to prove the hijinks, because we were warned not to bring our phone because we would get soaked.  We met up with Twin Peaks and Just Bill at half point who were walking around looking homeless, then stuck our fingers in our ear, rears and beers, and finished the trail zig-zagging our way through the shopping center (Shop keeper: SliHa?!? US: It's OK were just passing through…)




Shitter's: pretty much everyone

For being a bag lady: Twin peaks, and Just Bill

Racist behavior: MD and COMB

For not drinking in circle: Popo

I know there were other accusations but I don't remember


Now to the most important part:  Hash #1116

A: Habima square (https://goo.gl/maps/7bxZw)

Hares: Roadkill and Dry Rub

Lost? Call RK@058.689.9880 or DR@ 972.54.971.6773



Hash Scribe