08 November, 2013

"Just" a Wedding Invitation

Hello fellow Hashers!

I got this email from the Justs (Nicole and Nir) regarding their wedding. Please read:

Hey there

We had mentioned this before at previous runs - but we would be happy to have Hashers join us at our wedding :)

The important part:
Open Bar, Lots of Booze
Lots of food
We promise fun
other surprises
In Tel Aviv.
December 1st

7:30 Kabbalat Panim (Aka the pre-food before the main event)
8:30 Chuppah (The legal hitching) then after we eat, drink, dance, be merry and we will be married. We are getting married at "Sheva" in Tel Aviv (www.sheva.co.il)

We'd love to have our Hash Family join us :) (Flour markings are optional...)

The only thing we need to know is who wants to join us so we can make sure we have the right amount of space set up. So please email us at: wedding@nirart.com and let us know if you plan on joining us or tell us to @!#*& off (and please include a phone number if you say yes!)

We hope to see you at the run on Saturday : ) 

Ps. Jack (the Necrophiliac) is not allowed to join us. There will be old people and we don't want him to get excited. 

Hash Scribe