15 September, 2012

Hash Trash - Supplemental (AKA: Fwd: Oops!)

I won't give away my sources [ahm, ahm DELIVERANCE!!!]
But some small bird sent me last week's HT a bit late.
So here you go, late HT supplemental:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: aaron ben-shoshan <techelt@yahoo.com>
Date: Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 5:01 PM
Subject: Oops!
To: Hash Trash <holyland.hashers@gmail.com

Dear Hash Trash,
Please put this out although it is late.  Last week's Hash:
We met in Tel Aviv near the park.  Loves the Cock set a wonderful trail that weaved us through Tel Aviv.  We were in the park, near the Port, saw sand, dirt, grass, asphalt and bike paths.  Two visiting Hashers arrived from California (literally hours before the Hash), Sodomizer and Muddy Flaps.  A real Hash Love Story.  Met on a Hash and married.  They are here through Saturday the 15th and I really hope they make their way to Kfar Saba tomorrow. 
Loves the Cock also had a beer stop and a shot stop!  Beat that Caveman! 
Down Downs: Lost the list so I am making it up.
Hare:  Loves the Cock
FRB: Sodomizer
DFL: Deliverance
Visitors:  Sodomizer and Muddy Flaps
Returnee:  Double Entry
All around Pain in the Ass:  Caveman
Great time had by all:  Sodomizer, Muddy Flaps, Loves the Cock, Double Entry, Deliverance
Your loss:  THe rest of you loser hashers!

Hash Scribe

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