14 August, 2012

TKH3 Run 69+8


That's right - it's the HALLMARK run for Thirsty Knights H3! Why the hallmark, you ask? Well, first off, we've got our t-shirts in. Second off, it's run #69+8! And you know what that means... That's right!  It's 69, and you get 8 more! And who's not a fan of that?

So - we're running at 9pm again, because it's hot as balls out there (even that late, but hey, we can try). Meet at the fountain at Dizengoff Circle in Tel Aviv, and wear your hashy best. If you want to buy a shirt, or to pick up the one you ordered, contact thirstykh3@gmail.com and include your shirt size. Otherwise you'll have to wait til after the hash, and nobody wants less-than-instant gratification, do they?

It's gonna be a fun one - bring a digital camera or camera-phone, and a few extra sheks in addition to the 30NIS hash cash!

On on!   

Gayza Strip

***********  STANDARD RUN SPIEL  *****************

Come out and join the Thirsty Knights Hash House Harriers for drinking and debauchery! There will be some running, some drinking, some entertainment, some more drinking, a little more running, and of course some more drinking.


We'll run about 3 miles (5k) or so over the course of an hour, with a nice beer break in the middle. If you're not a runner, don't worry - it's NOT a race, and nobody cares how slow you are. After the run, we'll drink more beer, sing dirty songs, and generally have a good time. Then it's off to a nearby bar for the on-after until you find someone willing to take you home (I'm told buying them drinks might help your chances).


BE: There mostly on time (ish) cuz nobody likes waiting for your slow ass. We'll get you signed in, we'll have a quick intro for the virgins, and then we'll head out!


BRING: 30 NIS for the cost of beer at the run. The bars generally have special prices for us, but by that point the drinks are on you (sometimes literally), so you might want to bring extra cash. Also bring your friends, but only if they're cool. And they're YOUR friends, so you might want to think carefully about that one.


WEAR: If you have hash haberdashery, wear it. If not, running gear is fine. Plan to get a little bit dirty, a little bit sweaty, and a little bit beery.


CHECK out our Virgin Guide for info on what to expect! https://www.facebook.com/notes/thirsty-knights-hash-house-harriers/virgin-guide/220926728013116

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