08 August, 2012

Hash Trash Run 956, Directions to Run 957

Hello fellow Hashers!

Hare's view of the 956th Hash:
(kudos for the Hare for writing in length - your prize of inflatable beer mug + matching bikini supermodel will be cumming soon to your mailbox)

This run was made especially enjoyable by a Virgin Hasher by the name of Just Jerry from South Carolina, a doctor looking for work in Israel. Just Jerry ran/walked ( with great BOOBS ), put life into the Hash with good humor and great fun.
A winter afternoon, the trail in Ramat Hasharon took well over 1 hour, but was well enjoyed by the Hashers - for some reason, more visitors then locals ?????
Ho Chi Minge Clitty sold Hash socks and had some new Hash Songs worth learning (the Hash Trash expects these tunes' lyrics to arrive by email to they can be added to the ever-growing song list on the HHHH website! got that, Ho Chi Minge?).
Also: Captain Caveman owes Double Entry an explanation of a Stand Up Joke of some fellow finding a Shekel, and an Indian prostitute with a red dot on the forehead ?...

So on we go to the...

Down-Downs Run 956:
HareDouble Entry
FRB: Ho Chi Minge Clitty
DFL: Just Jerry
VisitorsHo Chi Minge Clitty, Cumoniwannalaya
Virgins: Just Jerry, Just Dave
Reliever: Just Dave
Sitting Ducks: Just Jerry, Just Dave, Boston Creamed
Penny Pincher: Ho Chi Minge Clitty
No Panties: Undisclosed...

...and now for this week's run: 

Directions to Run 957:
Meeting time: Saturday Aug. 11th16:00, 1600hr, 4pm.
Location: We will meet in the parking lot of the Delek gas station at Tzomet Oranim, the junction of Emek Refaim / Ben Zakai and Pierre Koenig streets.
For you GPS-geekies: 2 Pierre Koenig Street, Jerusalem
Map: Here

  1. Drive on route #1 towards Jerusalem, follow signs to city center
  2. Drive under the harp bridge (= Caveman's Erection) and turn right onto Sderot Herzl
  3. Turn left and immediately right onto Sderot Menachem Begin
  4. At the next traffic light turn left onto Golomb
  5. Turn right onto Ya'akov Pat and immediately left onto Yehuda HaNassi
  6. At the intersection of Emek Refa'im and General Pierre Koenig, turn right and immediately another right into the parking lot
Some More Info:
A light Italian respite will be served al fresco post-run.

Lost? How's that possible, the directions were sooo clear... Call Boston Creamed at 054-215-2653 and start screaming helplessly, she'll know what to do.

Other messages
  • IMPORTANT! A change has to be made to the Hare Raising Roster. The Gonadfather had noted he won't be in Israel on Sep. 15th, thus we need a volunteer to take over the first Hash of the next HRR. Any takers?
  • REMINDER: The hare is now responsible for writing the Hash High Lights while Hash-Scribe will only rewrite it however the hell he wants, so get your pencils ready!

Did you know?!
Hash Scribe has been temporarily handled by a cameo appearance of Fart Smella. Any complaints? send them to Hash Trash - by the time they arrive the regular Scribe will be back to take the heat...

Hare roster - are you there?!
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