29 June, 2012

Hash Trash Run 951, Directions to Run 952

Hello fellow Hashers!

Hare's view of the Nine Hundred and Fifty First Hash:

Run 951 was hot...
Really hot...
And nearly all women, except SOS.  
It was so hot (how hot was it?) that we actually had an impromptu beer stop. There was great debate as to whether we should continue with the run, or order another round and just walk back where delectable food was awaiting us.
Surprisingly we decided to run on-on! We sang a rather listless Father Abraham at the half way point and muddled through the rest of the run till we FINALLY had another beer (and blue moon martinis...yum!)

So on we go to the...

Down-Downs Run 951:

Hare: Penis Envy
FRB: Twin Peaks
DFL: Loves the Cock
Aesthetic Appreciation: Boston Creamed
Misnaming: Twin Peaks
Returnee: Spit or Swallow
(Some sort of bogus accusation of) Trail Crossing: Penis Envy
New to the Hash: Loves the Cock
New Shoes: Twin Peaks (who with complaint finally consumed the beer from said shoes)

...and now for this week's run: 

Directions to Run 952:

Meeting time: Saturday June 30th16:00, 1600hr, 4pm

Location: Dog Park (Cheerio Park) on Wingate Street, Herzliya Pituach (Here)

Maps: From South (Cuming from TA), From North

Take the Highway 2 to the Kfar Shmaryahu/Herzliya exit.
Take the exit and turn into Herzliya Pituach.
You will be on Keren HaYessod street.
Continue straight through the first roundabout and at the second roundabout make a right onto Wingate Street.
Continue until you see the park on your left hand side.
There is ample parking around the park.
There are large millstones set around the park, hence the name Cheerio Park. The Hare will be waiting for you.   

Lost? Call your Hare, Deliverance @ 050-263-4684.

Other messages
New Hare Raising Roster is here. If for some odd reason you are in the Holy land and Not on the Roster and Want to host a Hash, contact Hash-Trash ASAP.
REMINDER: The hare is now responsible for writing the Hash High Lights while Hash-Scribe will only rewrite it however the hell he wants, so why oh why don't the Hares do that?!?!

Did you know?!
Thirsty Knights Hash is regaining some momentum, so we're recreating it's HT mailing list.
If interested please mail us @ tkhhharriers@gmail.com and request to be included in the mailing list.

Hare roster - are you there?!
#950 Jul 7 - Gayza Strip

#953 Jul 14 - Spit or Swallow

#954 Jul 21 - Fart Smella

#955 Jul 28 Captain Caveman

#956 Aug 4 - Double Entry

#957 Aug 11 - Boston Creamed

#958 Aug 18 - Fluffer

#959 Aug 25 - Gayza Strip

#960 Sep 1 - Ghdaffi

#961 Sep 8 - The Gonadfather

Hash Scribe

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