01 June, 2012

Trash Run 946, Directions to Run 947

Hello fellow Hashers!

Hash-Scribes view of the Nine Hundred and Forty Sixth Hash:
The pack gathered in Herlzliya in order to a.Hash, b.Drink, c.Drink some more and d.Humiliate other hashers.
All goals were accomplished quite amazingly. We ran through the rough neighborhoods of Herzliya Pituach, through some rougher neighborhoods in Kefar Shemaryahu and even got the chance to run over two bridges.
All in all we had a great hash, too bad the Hare didn't send HS a Hash summary and so I can't write about any other parts of the run.

So on we go to the...

Down-Downs Run 945:

Hares: Deliverance
FRB: Captain Caveman
DFL: ?
Sitting: Captain Caveman, Just Ofer, Just Suad
Returnees: Just Ofer, Just Jim
Late Cumming: Spit or Swallow
Misnaming: (probably) Deliverance
Gayza Stripping: Gayza Strip
Gold-Digger: Gayza Strip
Others: Many other hashers who's identities are unknown to the Hash-Scribe

...and now for this week's run: 

Directions to Run 946:

Meeting time: Saturday June 2nd, 16:00, 1600hr, 4pm.

Location: Korazin St. Givatayim. Map.

From Ayalon:

Ayalon South to the HaShalom Exit at the light (Azrielle Center on right and the train station on left) TURN LEFT on to HaShalom Street. 

Straight through 10 traffic lights

Just pass the Paz Gas Station on the left and at the ELEVENTH traffic light TURN LEFT on to KOURAZIN STREET. 

Parking lot up 200 meters on left.

From Route 4:

Exit at the Bar Elan/Aluf Sadeh Interchange.

Follow signs to Aluf Sadeh (LEFT LANE). 

Merge on to road and get into right hand lanes and follow signs to Tel Aviv/Ramat Gan.

Straight through THREE traffic lights. At the FOURTH traffic light make a RIGHT TURN on to KOURAZIN STREET. 

Parking lot up 200 meters on left

Any problems? Lost?, look at the maps or call Twin Peaks on 0528743662 

If the directions above are too complex, just click on the map link above and see the directions there.
Otherwise, using a GPS device is advisable. 

Other messages:
New Hare Raising Roster is here. If for some odd reason you are in the Holy land and Not on the Roster and Want to host a Hash, contact Hash-Trash ASAP.
* Thirsty Knights Hash: On June 14th. there's gonna' be a Thirsty Knights Hash, be there!
REMINDER: The hare is now responsible for writing the Hash High Lights while Hash-Scribe will only rewrite it however the hell he wants, so why oh why don't the Hares do that?!?!

Did you know?!
Here are some various facts of great importance. Memorize them, there will be a quiz this Saturday...

Hare roster - are you there?!
#948 Jun 9 - Boston Creamed

#949 Jun 16 - Gayza Strip

#951 Jun 23 - Penis Envy

#952 Jun 30 - Ghdaffi

#950 Jul 7 - Fluffer

#953 Jul 14 - Spit or Swallow

#954 Jul 21 - Fart Smella

#955 Jul 28 - Deliverance

#956 Aug 4 - Double Entry

#957 Aug 11 - Boston Creamed

#958 Aug 18 - Fluffer

#959 Aug 25 - Gayza Strip

#960 Sep 1 - Captain Caveman

#961 Sep 8 - The Gonadfather

Hash Scribe

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