08 June, 2012

Trash Run 946, Directions to Run 947

Hello fellow Hashers!

Hare's view of the Nine Hundred and Forty Seventh Hash:
3 lessons were learned by the hare during last weeks' hash:

Lesson #1 - Never send your 16 year old son to buy two bags of cheap flour to set the Hash trail because he will come back with two expensive bags of organic whole wheat flour for crunchy bread (as stated on the label)

Lesson #2 - Don't set the Hash trail with said flour.  To paraphrase Rabbi Goo, the flour blobs looked just like bird crap which made finding the trail difficult.

Lesson #3 - Don't set the trail after a Madonna concert when you drank a little too much. (Contrary to popular opinion, the Madonna concert was FANTASTIC!)

The pack set off to find the carefully laid trail when Deliverance took a nose dive just 50 meters into the run and has yet another scar on her knee.  We ran through the quiet streets of Givataim across the highway to a lovely park. Then back over a new walking bridge into another beautiful park.  Soon we reached the half way point into a shaded park.  After waiting a total of 5 minutes and making several phone calls to find our where our walkers went, we decided to sing Joe Button and to continue.  Most of the Hashers went off trail and missed the On In.  The walkers were apparently waiting for us in a different park but found their way back.

It was another great trail set by me - Twin Peaks.

So on we go to the...

Down-Downs Run 946:

Hare: Twin Peaks
FRB: Capt. Caveman
DFL: Just Naomi
Returnees: Just Darius and Just Naomi
Lost Hashers: Better in My Mouth, Just Darius and Just Suad
Flying: Deliverance
Not Singing/Dancing: Goldmember
Shortcutting: Caveman, Semen, Goldmember, Double Entry, Rabbi Goo and Penis Envy

...and now for this week's run: 

Directions to Run 947:

Meeting time: Saturday June 9th, 16:00, 1600hr, 4pm.

Location: Parking lot of the Israel Museum, JerusalemMap.

Maps: Directions are included in the map above.

Driving directions to חנית מוזיאון ישראל
Sderot Shazar/‫שדרות שז"ר‬‎
1. Head southeast on Sderot Shazar/שדרות שז"ר toward Yosef Herlits/יוסף הרליץ
350 m
2. Turn right onto Sderot HaNassi Hashishi/שדרות הנשיא השישי
Go through 2 roundabouts
650 m
3. Continue onto Yoel Zusman/יואל זוסמן
350 m
4. Continue onto Kaplan/קפלן
Go through 1 roundabout
600 m
5. Continue onto ויז
120 m
6. Make a U-turn
110 m
7. Turn right
20 m
חנית מוזיאון ישראל

Any problems? Lost?, look at the maps or call Boston Creamed on 054-2152653

If the directions above are too complex, just click on the map link above and see the directions there.
Otherwise, using a GPS device is advisable. 

Other messages
* Ghadafi needs a replacement on June 30th, if anyone is up for the job contact Hash-Trash.
New Hare Raising Roster is here. If for some odd reason you are in the Holy land and Not on the Roster and Want to host a Hash, contact Hash-Trash ASAP.
* Thirsty Knights Hash: On June 14th. there's gonna' be a Thirsty Knights Hash, be there!
REMINDER: The hare is now responsible for writing the Hash High Lights while Hash-Scribe will only rewrite it however the hell he wants, so why oh why don't the Hares do that?!?!

Did you know?!

Hare roster - are you there?!
#949 Jun 16 - Fluffer 

#951 Jun 23 - Penis Envy

#952 Jun 30 - Ghdaffi

#950 Jul 7 - Gayza Strip

#953 Jul 14 - Spit or Swallow

#954 Jul 21 - Fart Smella

#955 Jul 28 - Deliverance

#956 Aug 4 - Double Entry

#957 Aug 11 - Boston Creamed

#958 Aug 18 - Fluffer

#959 Aug 25 - Gayza Strip

#960 Sep 1 - Captain Caveman

#961 Sep 8 - The Gonadfather

Hash Scribe

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