19 January, 2011

Hash Trash Run 877, Directions to Run 878

Hello fellow hashers!
Jerusalem was cold and damp but the hares set a lovely trail through the streets and parks in Jerusalem. Singing in the Rain was sung at the halfway and then we were off again to finish the run. 
A wonderful Italian Feast was served by the Hares at their apartment and a good time was had by all. The beer was stolen by Stiff Meat and hijacked to Ashdod. 
We discovered that we will be wishing a fond farewell to Pigwoman (temporary or permanent? - we are not at liberty to disclose). She is off to Jordan for the forseeable future.

Down-Downs Run 877:
Hares: Boston Creamed, Just Jonathan
FRB: Capt. Caveman
DFL: Just Alana
Returnees: Just Jonathan, Just Michael, Just Gabriel
Misnaming: Twin Peaks, Deliverance
Quickie or Lost?: Semen, Double Entry
Bad Hare Day: Boston Creamed
Doubting Caveman: Double Entry
Fuck Off: Pig Woman
Naming: Just Jonathan is now The Gonadfather! Congratulations!

...and now for this week's run:

Directions to Run 878:
Meeting time: Saturday, 15:00, 1500hr, 3pm.
Location: Ashdod! The hash is visiting the city that boasts lights, lust and love. (or maybe just some sand, tall grey buildings and a hasher or two)
Directions: From Tel Aviv -
  • Ashdod Interchange onto Route 41 and follow it in on Derech Nir Galim, which becomes Derech Tel Mor, which then becomes Derech Laskov
  • At the roundabout (that's a traffic circle for non-UK hashers) 1st exit onto Ort, then next roundabout 1st exit onto Yefe Nof and then onto Ha Tayelet
  • Straight on at the next roundabout staying on Ha Tayelet
  • Turn into parking area, under the clock tower.
Google Map: Click here
Lost? Call your hare Stiff Meat on 054-810-8762

p.s. Forwarding from your hare, he has come up with a Hash-snack to be presented:
Subject: Knäck (fudge)
Greetings hashers.
If you remember on New Year's Hash; Pippi Longcocking from Stockholm Hash provided some almond toffee in small paper cups. She has lost the email to send the recipe to, so here it is. I expect a quality control test at the next circle :)
(If using the paper cups that pippi used, or something else, put them out before you start)
    1. 10 cc chopped almonds
    2. 20 cc sugar
    3. 20 cc whipping cream (double cream)
    4. 20 cc light syrup (treacle)
    • Blend sugar, whipping cream and syrup in a pan with thick base, Boil and stir til the fudge is getting chewy (122oC) takes around 15 - 45 min.
    • Could also do a test to check if it's done: Take some of the fudge and drop in cold water, if you can make a small ball its ok.
    • Then put in the chopped almonds and pour the fudge in the paper cups or what you are using.
    • IF you are using small cups; keep the pan on a low heat, otherwise by the time you have filled all the cups, the rest of the fudge in the pan will have gone hard and you might need to buy a new pan!
On On
Stiff meat

Hare roster - are you there?!
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