06 December, 2013

Hash Trash Run #1026, Directions to Run #1027

Hello fellow Hashers!

Hare's view of the 1026th Hash:
"It was an all Jerusalemite Hash, with a load of good food at the end. Apparently Pig woman was an all around player with No Hash Gear, Short Cutting, FRB'ing and Sub-RAing. What a gal..."

So on we go to the...

Down-Downs Run 1026:
Hare: Gonadfather
FRB: Pig Woman
DFL: Gadhaffi
SCB: Puppy Love Machine, Pig Woman
No Hash Gear: Pig Woman
Child Abuse: Crock Sucker
Misnaming: Hotbox, Crock Sucker
Indecisive: Boston Creamed
(Un)Shitty Trail: Gonadfather, Puppy Love Machine
Returnees: Crock Sucker, Boston Creamed, Gonadfather

Directions to Run 1027:

Meeting timeSaturday Dec 7th., 15:00, 1500hr, 3pm.

Location: Kfar Sava, at the the parking lot of the Supermarket on the corner of Tchernikovski and Begin (here).

On-After: Nope

Maps: From Road #4 Here

Directions: See Here (same as above)

And about the not finding the spot and all that shit; If you do get lost, just...

Call The Captain Caveman @ 

Other messages
  • I'm starting to compile the Hare list for the next six months, if you have a preferred date, please send it to me soon.
  • REMINDER: The hare is now responsible for writing the Hash High Lights while Hash-Scribe will only rewrite it however the hell he wants, so get your pencils ready!

Hare Raising Roster - are you there?!
#1028 - Dec 14 – Pig Woman
#1029 - Dec 21 – Swans
#1030 - Dec 28 – Spit or Swallow - Xmas Party @Twin Peaks'
#1031 - Jan 1 – Captain Caveman
#1032 - Jan 4 – Fluffer
#1033 - Jan 11 – Crock Sucker

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