22 November, 2013

Hash Trash Run #1023, Directions to Run #1024

Hello fellow Hashers!

Hare's view of the 1024th Hash:
"Run 1024 was supposed to be hared by Goldmember. Need I say more? To be fair, Goldmember was still willing to set the Hash in Petach Tikvah as planned with assistance (meaning me - Twin Peaks). I simply decided that it would be less painful if I set the Hash on my home turf.
We circled up by the National Stadium in Ramat Gan (I know, again). Much to the surprise of Caveman, an old Hasher, Hawkeye, showed up.
Introductions were made as we waited for Puppy Love Machine and Cumunion from Jerusalem who seemed to forget that the start time is 3:00PM or 15:00.
As always, an excellent (shitty), well marked (cum on...) trail guided the pack around the stadium (just for fun) and into the park. At the halfway, after singing in front of an adoring crowd, Deliverance decided to walk back to the start. The pack set off again over a bridge, into the park and up a hill (also for the fun) and then back to the start.
At this point, the story of what happened in the circle belongs to Spit or Swallow...*
A side story -- Deliverance has lost her Hash sweatshirt after the Thirsty Knights' run in Jerusalem on Thursday. After valiant effort to locate her precious and priceless Hash sweatshirt, she is now sitting Shivah."

* Spit or Swallows story:
"Our tale begins many years ago, when a Hasher was named Hawk-Eye. This Hasher went AWOL for years only to return to our congregation last week. There was much rejoicing, a lot of beer and some other substances that made all the participants very happy and easy going. Well, all but one, who was still the fastest to drew (and the fastest in general... hint hint).
When SOS was called into the circle to receive his punishment for FRBing, the lack of beer poured over his head brought him to do it himself only to find out that another Hasher had the same idea seconds later with cold beer.
The retaliation was fast and vicious and included the throwing of the contents of an entire down down cup at the unsuspecting Hawk-Eye that stood right behind SOS. Did I mention he had nothing to do with the incident?...
Need I say how the circle reacted? People were ROTFLing, no, literally, I'm almost certain three of the Hashers had to sit down and some found that they peed themselves. Thank god Hawk-Eye had an extra shirt (though I did suggest to buy him a new, shiny orange, Hash shirt) and a great sense of humor (or was it the aforementioned substances?!)."

So on we go to the...

Down-Downs Run 1024:
Hare (Replacement): Twin Peaks
DFL: Puppy Love Machine
Returnees (after 10 years): Hawkeye  ("I was Hashing when the dinosaurs were roaming the earth")
SCB: Deliverance and Puppy Love Machine
Reliever: Puppy Love Machine
Finger Pointing: Twin Peaks
Misnaming: Deliverance
Good Samaritans: Twin Peaks and Just Steve
Funky Shoes: Hawkeye
Late Cummers: Puppy Love Machine, Cum-union
Sitting: Hawkeye

Directions to Run 1025:

Meeting timeSaturday Nov 23rd., 15:00, 1500hr, 3pm.

Location: London Square (AKA "London Garden", "London Park" and "the concrete park next to McDonalds on HaYarkon"), HaYarkon, Tel Aviv (here).

On-After: None that I know of..

Maps: From HaShalom interchange (on Ayalon Highway - Road #20) Here

Directions: See maps above

And about the not finding the spot and all that shit; If you do get lost, just...

Call Second Hand Job

Other messages
  • I'm starting to compile the Hare list for the next six months, if you have a preferred date, please send it to me soon.
  • REMINDER: The hare is now responsible for writing the Hash High Lights while Hash-Scribe will only rewrite it however the hell he wants, so get your pencils ready!

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