17 December, 2013

Dead Sea Night Run

Hi All,

Here is an email I've been requested to post ASAP regarding this week's "Dessert Challenge" (20-21.12.13):

What's the difference between a Hasher and a wanker?
Hasher's go down to the Dead Sea for a night of running, drinking, eating, partying and general debauchery, even if it's going to be a little chilly.
According to people that work in the area, it's a little cold at night and in the morning but it warms up quickly.
We'll bring plenty of food, drink, wood and music.
Anyone cuming should contact STD (054-4682008) or Caveman (052-2445644)
Hurry, space is unlimited.

wankers will wish they came!!

So do it...
Hash Scribe