23 August, 2008

HASH 748 (23 August) - NEW DIRECTIONS!!!!

The revised starting point is ....
Place: Ramat Gan, 5 Akhim Begerano st.
(from north) get off at HaHalacha interchange, take the right-most lane, turn right at the T-intersection and then turn right at the 2rd stoplight into Menakhem Begin st.
(from sounth) get off at HaHalacha interchange, take the exit and turn right onto Bialik st., turn right at the 1st stoplight into Menakhem Begin st.
When on Menakhem Begin st., turn left at the 1st stoplight, then right at the roundabout into Ha-Yetsira st. Take the 1st left into Tuval st., and then right into Akhim Begerano st. Meet your hares at the parking lot.
See attached map
Lost? Call your Hares on 0544 888 165

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