12 August, 2008

Hash Trash - Run 746 and Directions for Run 747

Run 746
We met in Kohav Hatsafon.  We ran through the Hayarkon Park. We sang a tribute to Bon Jovi from Border Bitch's hometown.  We ran some more. We lost a virgin hasher, Rami, (Border Bitch could have sworn he was wearing red shorts). We didn't seem so concerned. We drank beers and started down downs without the missing hasher.  He eventually turned up after he ran the trail backwards to return to the circle. We had another barbie at Border Bitch's and Scott's and Riley did party tricks for us.

Hares: Border Bitch and Bernadette
FRB: Fart Smella
DFL: Goldmember
Virgins: Matt, Michelle, Rami, Eti, Gil, House of Weenies
SCB: Clarke (short cutted 4 times for the record)
Returnees: Clark
Wankers: Russian Bride
Baby: Crock Sucker
Cos there was left over beer: Jay & Caveman
Directions to RUN 747
Date - 16 August 2008
Time - 4:00pm
Place - Kfar Shemaryahu, Old American International School (AIS) bus parking
Directions - From Namir Road (Rt 2) go north, exit at Rabin Interchange, turn right (away from beach) towards Kfar Shemaryahu.  You're on Hama'Apilim.  At 2nd light (small shopping strip) turn LEFT on to HaZore'a.  Follow street up to where old AIS has been flattened to the ground, turning right on HaTelamim.  Go 100 meters and park in old bus parking on left.  Hare will be waiting

Lost? Call Diablo 050 561 2123
NOTE: If unable to meet a Haring obligation, Hares are responsible for finding replacement Hares for their date.
8/23    Fart Smella
8/30    SemEn
9/6      Twin Peaks
9/13    Deliverance
9/20    Goldmember
9/27    TBA

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LINK Telmond Run 16/05/2008
LINK Gezer 5k, 2k 17/05/2008
LINK Park HaYarkon Run 06/06/2008
LINK Gilad Run 30/08/2008
LINK Tel Aviv White Nights 10k, 5k 31/08/2008
LINK Zahala 10k 04/10/2008
LINK 3rd Annual Womens' 8k - Rosh HaAyin 24/10/2008
LINK Kochav Yair 10k 24/10/2008
LINK Holon Run 31/10/2008
LINK Azrieli Steps Race 07/11/2008
H4 Sweatshirts for sale! NIS 50 dark blue, NIS 30 light blue
Video clips of previous runs:
http://www.youtube.com/user/ Unholylandnews
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