19 June, 2008

HASH TRASH Run 738 - Directions RUN 739



It was hot. We met in a field. We ran. We sweated. We got shot at by Russian Briade and Tiar Fruck. We had cold beverages at the halfway.  We ran some more and we sweated some more.  We had more cold beverages. We had down-downs. We got even wetter. But it didn't get any cooler.

Down Downs RUN 738

Hare: Diablo

FRB: Twin Peaks

DFL: Crocksucker

Virgins: Christy and Clark

SCB: Dr Dolittle

Returnee: Tiar Fruck

Too pooped: Dr Dolittle and Russian Bride

No Hash Kte: Crocksucker

Sub-quality Hash kit: Christine

Swinging low with gusto: Scott

Useless studies: Amit

PSA test: Dr Dolittle, Russian Bride


Directions to RUN 739

Date - June 21, 2008

Time - 4:00 and on-on at Christine and Scott's afterwards

Place - The start point is in Kohav Hatsafon, at the corner of Levi Eshkol and Maurizio Vitale.  It's directly behind the Seminar Kibbutzim and on the street is one VERY tall condo with three identical shorter ones next to it.

Hare – Christine (assisted by Twin Peaks)

If you're lost – call the hare – 057-420-6844



Date - Friday, June 20

Time -  Whenever ... but not before 20:00 hours

Reason - Em ... none!

Venue -  Fabi's hoose  (61 Wingate, Herzliya Pituach)

Drinks will be provided - bring yourselves, partners and pals


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