28 May, 2008

HASH TRASH Run 735 - Directions RUN 736

Run 735 - What's Up Doc?
It was hotter. We met near the American School. We ran. Dr. Do-little was unable to short-cut. We ran some more. Miss Demeanor plucked a carrot from the ground that was absolutely Warner Brothers' Looney Toon perfection. We sang the air guitar version of "Smoke on the Water" at Ben 10's behest. We continued to run. Kfar Netter is very pretty but there are too many dogs on the loose. Captain Caveman is requested to send pictures of he and Deliverance abusing the "Do Not Enter" sign. Dr. D. and Russian Bride disappeared. They reappeared at the circle. We drank beer. We had Down-downs. We went home.
Down-downs Run 735
Hare - Miss Demeanor, Twin Peaks
FRB - Captain Caveman, Karen
DFL - Boston Creamed
SCBs - Dr. Do-little, Russian Bride
Party Boy - Ben 10
F-HASH-ion Victims - Christine (Bedazzled and Puffy Paint shirt), Deliverance (zipper socks), Karen (no Hash shirt)
Improper Signage - Deliverance, Captain Caveman
Bugs Bunny Award - Miss Demeanor
Directions to RUN 736
Date - May 31, 2008
Time - 4:00pm
Place - Kfar Sava
Hare - Captain Caveman

Route 4 NORTH
Pass both Raananas
Pass prison on your left
Pass red/white gas station on your Right
Turn RIGHT again towards the gas station
Look for the Hares, they probably will be drunk, wake them up.
Got to the Lights? Too far, go back.
Lost? Captain Caveman 052-2445644


Emap site
Holyland Hash House Harriers blog
Semen writes, "Please remind everyone that we will be sailing on Sat. June 7th from 4:00 to 7:00. More info to come, but I need to know exactly who is coming. Preference to Hash members over guests." Contace Semen at AKarev00@aol.com
Come and show your support!
NOTE: If unable to meet a Haring obligation, Hares are responsible for finding replacement Hares for their date.
31  Captain Caveman
 7  Semen
14  Diablo
21  Twin Peaks
28  Goldmember
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LINK Gezer 5k, 2k 17/05/2008
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LINK Gilad Run 30/08/2008
LINK Tel Aviv White Nights 10k, 5k 31/08/2008
LINK Zahala 10k 04/10/2008
LINK 3rd Annual Womens' 8k - Rosh HaAyin 24/10/2008
LINK Kochav Yair 10k 24/10/2008
LINK Holon Run 31/10/2008
LINK Azrieli Steps Race 07/11/2008
H4 Sweatshirts for sale! NIS 50 dark blue, NIS 30 light blue
Video clips of previous runs:
http://www.youtube.com/user /Unholylandnews
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Photos (we need more, please send)
http://www.flickr.com/photos /holylandhhh/

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