05 March, 2008

Hash Trash RUN 723 - Directions RUN 724

Run 723 - Starts where?
It was nice. We gathered -- finally -- in an area loosely defined as "opposite the Arena Mall". Bullshit arrived, shod in new shoes, but none as new as Goldmember's. We ran merrily amongst the dunes and garbage, headed into Herzliya Pituach proper, then down towards the beach, up the cliff and into a beer stop/halfway point. Deliverance met us for the beer. We ran a bit more. We had Down-downs. We drank beer from our spanky new beer stand with a "Carlsberg" sign, courtesy of Captain Caveman.* It got chilly. We went home.
* and Russian Bride is going to figure out some lighting for it.
Down-downs - Run 723
- Outrigger
FRB - Goldmember
DFL - Diablo
SCB - Dr. Do-little, Russian Bride
Driving The 2nd Half - Captain Caveman
New Shoes - Goldmember
Returnee - Bullshit
Used an bottle opener on a pop-top - Dr. D.
Kfar Sava 10k - Boston Creamed, Captain Caveman, Goldmember, Hildy, Twin Peaks
Tardy - Deliverance (out riding 80k on her bike, again)
Clusterfuck Of A Starting Point - Outrigger
Smoking in front of Swampy - Bullshit, Twin Peaks
Directions to RUN 724
Date - March 8, 2008
Time - 3:00pm
Place - Tel Baruch
Hare - Hildy, who writes:
"The start is on an unnamed road - so here is how you get there:
Coming from Herzliya on Rt 2 towards Tel-Aviv, pass the new overpass, stay in far right hand lane. After light take sharp right towards the beach. The old Country Club will be on your right. At the first intersection turn left - you are now parallel to the beach. Pass Na'aman Towers (the colorful building on the left)  and turn Left into the Educational Complex (light). Turn left again into the first parking lot. It's a school for disabled children. The starting point is there.
Coming from Tel-Aviv on Rt 2, turn left at the intersection of Tel-Baruch beach. Continue to end, and bear right with the road. Pass the gas station, and the military base on the left, and turn right into the Educational Complex. Take immediate left into parking lot.
Coming from Rt 5 - go thru Gelilot Junction, stay on the far right hand lane, turn immediately left after the intersection and follow the instructions from up top.
Lost? Call 054-440-6313
Emap site
NOTE: If unable to meet a Haring obligation, Hares are responsible for finding replacement Hares for their date.
March 9 - Hildy (with Diablo) - 724
March 15 - Deliverance - 725
March 22 - Boston Creamed - 726
March 29 - Twin Peaks - 727
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http://www.youtube.com/user /Unholylandnews
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