27 February, 2008

Hash Trash RUN 722 - Directions RUN 723

Run 722 - 3...2...1... Blast Off!
It was nice. We met in Even Yehuda next to the American School. That was nice too. We ran -- only to discover that our Hare had devised a novel marking system in which three blobs of flour were followed by two, and then one.*  Call it the NASA system of Hash marks.** The long stretches between holds demanded holds be created where none had existed before.*** We met the runners and sang Joy To The World (the "Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog" one, not the Christmas carol). We ran some more. We had Down-downs. We drank beer. It got chilly. We went home.
* This made it kind of easy to figure out which was was on-on
*** It turns out that it's easy to create a fake hold if the blobs are generous.
Down-downs - Run 722
  - Ben10, Miss Demeanor
FRB - Goldmember
Returnee - Outrigger
Halfway Point Karaoke - Deliverance
SCBs - Dr. Do-little, Russian Bride
Psychological SCB - Hildy
Ein Gedi Half Marathoners - Boston Creamed, Diablo, Goldmember, Twin Peaks
Some Trumped-Up Charge I Can't Remember - Ayelet
Flying - Deliverance
Many, Many Misdemeanors - Miss Demeanor
Directions to RUN 723
Date - March 1, 2008
Time - 3:00pm
Place - Herzliya Pituach
Outrigger writes: "Take Abba Eban off Rt. 2 Herzliya Pituach (industrial side) exit towards the Arena Mall (think that's what it's called). As you approach the mall on the right (Tiv Tam?), come round the turn and continue straight past the longish parking lot on the right with dunes on the left. Go down and make a u-turn and park across from the tennis courts above the road.  The sand dunes will be on your right.  Wear your gaiters and hope your legs are fresh! On On!"
Lost? Call Outrigger at 0 5 0 5 5 0 8 4 2 9
Emap site
NOTE: If unable to meet a Haring obligation, Hares are responsible for finding replacement Hares for their date.
1 Outrigger - 723
8 Diablo - 724
15 Boston Creamed - 725 (I need to change with someone! We'll discuss - B.C.).
22 Goldmember - 726
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LINK Jerusalem Half Marathon 27/03/2008
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LINK Gezer 5k, 2k 17/05/2008
LINK Park HaYarkon Run 06/06/2008
LINK Gilad Run 30/08/2008
LINK Tel Aviv White Nights 10k, 5k 31/08/2008
LINK Zahala 10k 04/10/2008
LINK 3rd Annual Womens' 8k - Rosh HaAyin 24/10/2008
LINK Kochav Yair 10k 24/10/2008
LINK Holon Run 31/10/2008
LINK Azrieli Steps Race 07/11/2008
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Video clips of previous runs:
http://www.youtube.com/user /Unholylandnews
* Copyright 2007 Hash VlashTM
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http://www.flickr.com/photos /holylandhhh/

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